Distance Learning Resource | Google Meet

Google Meet is a built-in tool that you can use to set up individual, small group, or class virtual meetings. It also allows you to record the meeting directly to your Google Drive.

The video below covers all of those options with examples.

Google Meet | Setup

For individual meet-ups or small groups, from your Google Drive simply click the Apps grid > Meet.

Click Start a Meeting, give it a Nickname, and then either tell folks the Nickname to type in, copy/paste the link to folks to join or invite with the Add People option.

NOTE: If your camera/microphone is not working, click the microphone icon in the top-right and be sure it's Allowed. Additionally, each Meet has a dial-in phone number so you can use a phone to connect to the audio if easier.

Google Meet | Managing Google Meets with Students

A new feature now available in Google Classroom is direct integration with Google Meet, in that you can set up a custom meeting code for your Classroom.

As long as the teacher is the first one in and the last to leave, students will not be allowed to enter this unique Meet unless the teacher is present. It will also prevent students from rejoining an unattended Google Meet after it has been ended.

The steps below outline how to generate a unique meeting for your Google Classroom.

Step 1

Visit Your Classroom Settings

Step 2

Generate Meet Link

Step 3

[optional] Make Visible to Students

Step 4

Share with Students

If made visible from Step 3, the link will appear in the top of Classroom.

If you would like make a teacher-protected meeting outside of generating one in Classroom or for virtual meetings for small or larger groups, the resources below will walk you through that process.

Basic workflow is as follows:

1. Create a Unique Meeting Code/Nickname

2. Share the Meeting Code/Nickname with Students

3. Join the Meeting First

4. Leave the Meeting Last

5. Leave the “Rejoin” Screen


Screenshot Guide

Google Meet | Best Practices for Starting and Ending a Session

Google Meet | Best Practices

  • Encourage participants to mute their microphone when not speaking, as this prevents feedback/echo (LEARN MORE)
  • As a teacher hosting a session, be sure to leave the session last as this will prevent students from re-joining a session unsupervised (LEARN MORE)
  • As a meeting organizer, you have the ability to both mute and/or remove participants (LEARN MORE)

Google Meet | See Your Students While Presenting

If you would like to present your screen AND see the Meeting participants at the same time, check out the video to see it in action!

Basic steps as follows

  1. Set up your tabs in Chrome for your content to share and your Meet
  2. Shrink your Chrome window so that it is resize-able
  3. Drag the Meet tab off of the tab bar so that it exists in its own window
  4. Resize your two Chrome windows for best visibility
  5. In your Meet, choose Present Now > Window and choose your window with your content to share

Google Meet | Record a Meeting

You can use the Recording feature in Google Meet to either capture a live meeting for future sharing, or even set up a meeting for yourself to just record a quick video or screen share and use for Flipped Classroom options.

After you join a meeting, click the triple dots (bottom-right) and choose "Record Meeting". You will see a confirmation in the top-left of the screen when the recording is active.

When finished, you can either re-visit the triple dots > "Stop Recording" or leave the meeting. The recorded video will automatically be saved into your Google Drive into a "Meet Recordings" folder.

This file can then be added to Classroom or shared as you see fit!

Google Meet | Live Stream

If you need to expand beyond a classroom group and do not need the interaction that comes with a standard Meet, you can enable a Live Stream to broadcast to a wider audience.

From your calendar event (see above steps for Classroom/Open Hours), edit the event with the pencil icon. Click the down arrow next to your Google Meet information and choose "Add Live Stream". This will generate a separate URL for the Live Stream. Copy/Paste the extra URL and share how you see fit!

To start the Live Stream, join and start the meeting, and you'll see a notification to Start Live Streaming.


Google has set up additional relevant videos and guides related to Meets and Distance Learning in their TEACHER CENTER.