Distance Learning Resource | Google Classroom

Follow the steps below to create an individual writing assignment for each of your students to gain familiarity with using Google Classroom with digital assignments, should the possibility of distance/remote learning become a reality.


Some of you may find familiarity in the below steps - if this is you, be sure to assist your colleagues so that we all have a baseline of understanding!

If there are steps below that you do not understand or have questions about, HPS Technology will be able to assist by either answering Support Tickets or via a Face-to-Face or Remote training session (book from the iSchool website).

Step 1 - Accept Your Google Classroom(s)

This step is if you have not used Google Classroom at all this year. If you have already set up Classroom(s), please proceed to Step 2.

From the HPS LaunchPad > G Suite, choose Classroom from the Apps grid (top-right).

Note: This is also how students log into Google Classroom.

You’ll see classes automatically set up based on your schedule in SchoolBrains. At a minimum, click “Accept” for each block that contains unique students. For example, Elementary school teachers may only need to Accept their Home Room classes whereas Middle School and High School teachers may Accept multiple.

Step 2 - Create an Assignment

In one of your Google Classrooms, click the Classwork tab and choose Create > Assignment

Fill in the Following (feel free to copy/past the bold text!):

  1. Title: Google Classroom Distance Learning Trial
  2. Instructions: Create a document by clicking Create > Docs and in the document, answer the question: [pick any question you like!]. After filling out the Assignment, please click the link to the survey and answer the included questions.
  3. Add > Link: http://bit.ly/HPS-Distance-Learning
  4. In the “For” Section, click the name of the class and then select all of your Active classes. This allows you to post this same Assignment to each of your Google Classrooms simultaneously.

Step 3 - View Your Students’ Work

After you have published your Assignment, visit the Classwork tab of any Google Classroom and click the name of the Assignment.

You can then click “View Assignment” to see all of the students’ work in the Google Doc(s).