Distance Learning Information and Resources

Below, you'll find technology information and relevant resources related to Distance Learning.:

Move Your Files to Google Drive

Ensure your files are accessible from any internet-connected device.

Google Classroom Setup and Example

Be ready to connect with your students outside of the physical classroom.

Google Meet for Virtual Classroom, Open Hours, etc.

Know the possibilities of connecting remotely with your colleagues and classrooms.


Some of you may find familiarity in the ideas above - if this is you, be sure to assist your colleagues so that we all have a baseline of understanding!

If there are steps referenced that you do not understand or have questions about, HPS Technology will be able to assist by either answering Support Tickets or via a Face-to-Face or Remote training session (book from the iSchool website).


Can I use Google Voice to set up a phone #?

The short answer is no, not with our HPS Accounts. However, the video below describes how you can set up one with a personal Google account.

What other resources are available?

There certainly are many web-based resources available, with options expanding daily. One thing to keep in mind is that many of these resources are from companies who are offering them for free only temporarily during this quarantine period. As such, we are recommending to invest time and learning in practices and tools that will be available to you once schools are back to normal operating procedures.

For example, the link below takes you to Google's dedicated page for Teach from Home resources, utilizing resources you have available throughout the school year!