Technology Training and Digital Resources for Haverhill Public Schools

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In-Person Training

Hands-on, personalized training by a Technology Facilitator.

Come in as an individual or with a group of your colleagues.

iSchool Training Philosophy

Technology is embedded into each and every job function in today's society. We all find ourselves in one of the below Phases of personal technology knowledge and integration.

It is our goal as Technology Facilitators to make sure that everyone in the Haverhill Public School system has Phase 1 Essential Skills and our hope that everyone will progress to Phase 2's Integrated Skills as you continue to expand your knowledge base. The goal for some would then be to move towards Phase 3's Advancing Technology, where you find yourself participating in an engaging community of learning and continually creating new experiences.


Foundational technology skills to function in your job, ranging from managing email and using the copiers, to the student information system (SchoolBrains) and computing basics (Google Drive, word processing, spreadsheets, etc.). Essential for all HPS staff members.


Going further with your foundational technology knowledge and introducing these concepts to your peers/students with collaboration and productivity tools, Google Classroom, interactive whiteboard basics, digital media workflows, and more.


Progress your technology integration with new ideas, such as Flipped Classroom and Blended Learning initiatives, Professional Learning Communities, and supporting colleagues with their advancement in their Essential and Integrated Technology skillsets.