Chrome Extension: Add to Google Classroom

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Google Classroom is a great way to communicate with students, facilitate classroom discussions, and incorporate digital assignments.  While in the Classroom environment, it’s easy to add an Announcement or Assignment if you already have created or saved what you would like to share.  What about the occasions when you stumble across something while browsing the internet or have an inspirational moment while creating a document and want to share it to Classroom?  With the “Add to Google Classroom” extension for Google Chrome, it’s only a couple of clicks away – no copy/paste needed!

Once installed, look for the Classroom icon in your Chrome toolbar.

Clicking on this icon will reveal any Classes you are teaching.

Click on a Class to choose how you would like to share the currently open website.  The highlighted section below shows the standard Stream options you’ll find from within Google Classroom, while the “Push to Students” option is available if your students also have the “Add to Google Classroom” extension installed.