Chrome Apps: Active Listening

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Active listening is the backbone of communication and literacy: if students learn to listen critically, and take away value from what they’re listening to, their comprehension improves—and so does their ability to communicate.

With the cloud-based access to so many resources via Chrome and the students’ HPS-provided Google Accounts, there are many multimedia tools available to assist learners of all types engage with the written text.  Below are a couple examples, paraphrased from the full article here.


From news and current events articles to lesson-based content areas, ListenWise aims to add listening comprehension to a student’s skill set by providing high-quality audio accompanied by essential questions, discussion ideas, and short-answer quizzes.


While more involved of a setup/product that ListenWise, Fluency Tutor’s connection to Google Classroom and their focus on reading aloud, recording, and listening back offer a unique approach to literacy acquisition.