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Chrome Extension: KAMI

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Kami is a Chrome Extension that can be used on Chromebook and with Google Apps to view and annotate documents and PDF files.  This is a great resource for Google Classroom, Google Drive, and Chromebook uses.  Download here…(Read More)

Google Cardboard

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WHAT is it? Google Cardboard is a hand held device that gives the user a virtual augmented experience. This is done by using a smartphone and lenses. Virtual augmented devices can make the user see differently than the real world. This would be by having a different scenery. Also, virtual augmented devices have the power…(Read More)


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Lumosity is a fun, mind engaging website that allows people to expand their minds with games that are meant to improve their flexibility, attention, memory, problem solving, and speed of processing information. Lumosity was created by Lumos Labs, which is a brain training and neuroscience company from San Francisco, California. The Lab was founded in…(Read More)